If you are interested in who am I, or what I did so far, here is short notice:

As for education, I start to be interested in programming at 2016 with Web Design course.  Following year 2017, I entered IT Academy in Belgrade for PHP Web Developer.  At 2018 I wanted to confirm my knowledge, so I join additional PHP course at Business Perfection.

In order to expend knowledge and to become Full Stack Developer, I completed JavaScript course at 2019.

If you are thinking about my working experience, I start working as Junior PHP programmer in 2018. Since then, I created more then 50 websites till end of 2019 when I become freelancer. Most of them were WordPress websites. some of them were HTML websites, and some of them were made from scratch.

Some of my clients needed debugging, some of them had “need for speed” for their website and some of them needed redesign. My best recommendation is that all off them are still satisfied with results.

And if you are asking yourself: “Why the heck your website is looking like this if you have so much experience”, then check the speed of my website.