OK, let say you want to have your website. The main question is: do you have an idea how it will look like, or you have no clue where you should start from? If  you know exactly what you want, you speak and I’ll do. But if you are asking your self – “Now what?”, then let me guide you through this process.

As for your website, first we will talk regarding what you are offering to the world. We will divide your business in sections (pages or categories – don’t worry, I’ll do it). That will bring us to first section of creating a website – design. As per my professional experience, I’ll provide you with 2-3 premade templates that suits the best your needs, so you can choose from.

Having content (text and photos) is second section. Writing a good text is a skill and a name for it is Copywriting. In these days people tend not to read much, but there is still someone very important who cares about text on your website – it’s browser.

Next thing we need are good looking photos for your clients, but with low memory so they can load fast. If you have your photographer, or you do have your photos, that’s fantastic. If don’t, I’ll give you couple of suggestions.

Third section is someone who will assembly all these things together, you need a programmer – me! I am in charge for all adjustments, updates, problem solving and future changing. And most probably, you will ask me everything about everything.

And fourth section is a whole separate science – optimization. No one wants to invest in it, but everyone want to be on top of a search results when someone look for you on a Google. There are people who are dealing with it every single day and you want them to be in your team.

Not to forget, there are other things such as domain, logo, colors, hosting plan and this get us deeper into your dream website. Just reading this text, ideas starts popping up of how your website will look like and what to expect from process of creating it. And don’t worry, I am not going anywhere. I’ll still be here to guide you toward unique presentation of your business to the world.

So, let’s create your website!